The Winding Path

Counselling Services provided by Barb Zacharias

The Basics

Counselling services are available for individuals (relationship and family consultation or coaching available through individual sessions). If you are struggling in your relationship(s), individual counselling can help address the underlying issues. You can’t change your partner (family member, friend, co-worker, etc.)–only yourself and how you respond to situations. If you are ready to make changes for yourself and/or how you interact with others, feel free to contact me.

Overview of Process:

Counselling involves you—telling your story; me—listening from the outside looking in; and together—working through possible options and their outcomes for you to decide how to change how your story goes from here. It involves identifying patterns, influences, support systems, what is working and what isn’t, and what it would take to make things better. To begin this process, You will need to create an account to access the client portal at I will then send you a link to complete the informed consent and intake forms to be submitted online.

The first session can sometimes feel a bit awkward as it involves information gathering (telling your story as we go over the intake form and family history); but the more information I have at the start, the better I can help you through the process. The next sessions involve the actual ‘work’ of dealing with the pressing issues. There is no preset number of sessions. Some people do really well with only 3 or 4 sessions, others need more time to work things out—which you get to decide as only you will know when you are satisfied with your progress and feel you can manage on your own.


Sessions area about an hour long and cost $125 each. Intake sessions usually take a bit longer (about an hour and a half); but there is no additional cost. Sessions are offered in-person or online using Owl Practice. If you plan on using insurance benefits, a letter (click to access pdf document) can be sent to your company requesting approval as a service provider as I am not a registered psychologist or social worker. As the letter states, your employer may need to adjust the benefit plan to include certified counsellors as service providers.


I have a fairly flexible schedule Monday to Friday for afternoon or early evening appointments. Please call or text to book a time suitable to your needs.


Pine Falls, MB. When you book an appointment, you will receive directions to the office location. Please be advised that a dog lives on the premises. If you have allergies or a fear of dogs, it is important to let Barb know!
Online at my virtual office using Owl Practice. You will need to create an account to access the client portal at At the appointed time, you log in and join the video session. Online sessions can be accessed via computer or phone.

Pine Falls is situated on land leased from “Fort Alexander Indian Reserve.” I acknowledge I live and work in Treaty 3 of the Anishnawbe Nation and pay my respects to the First Nation and Métis ancestors of this place and reaffirm our relationship with one another.