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November 2013: Accepting Change

Posted on Nov 17, 2013

Isn’t it funny how life sends us messages just when we need them? At least that has been my experience as of late. Last week at one of the support groups I lead, my affirmation card (Language of Letting Go Cards by Melody Beattie, 2005) was Accepting Change. Little did I know how pertinent that message would become!

Change in my marriage, change with my dog, change at my office, change with my phone/internet service provider. Each one significant on its own. A whirlwind of change when combined all together.

As anyone in a relationship is well aware, change happens frequently in how we relate to each other, what impacts our individual as well as our joint lives, subtle shifts occur. More dramatically, we are making huge strides in the socialization of our dog which involves learning her language so that we can better communicate with her. It is quite the challenge adjusting to her style of communicating which has a lot more to do with body language, gestures, and energy than it does with vocalizations. It is pushing me into a whole other level of awareness, tapping into skills and resources I didn’t even know I had. However, there is nothing quite so rewarding as being able to communicate in another language—albeit canine. Gives new meaning to crossing boundaries—in a healthy way.

Also of a significant nature, my office will be moving come December 1st –maybe sooner depending on painting. Fortunately, due to the imposition, I will not have to do the painting or moving of furniture. My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome exhales a huge sigh of relief. However, I will have to pack up my office and its current coziness with the hope of recreating something even better in the basement. Yes, the basement.

Given the underground location, I chose not to go with the same rich hue of dark brown for the walls. The new office will be Fern Green which remains consistent with my current accent colour palate, so minimal purchasing of new items. The move also comes with a price break, so that is a plus as well. I am actually looking forward to this transition which is somewhat surprising given my penchant for avoiding change.

An added bonus is the location right next to my group room making it easier for clients to find me. And I won’t have to go far if I leave something in either room. I will have new office neighbours who will need to get used to my coming and goings throughout the day. In a way, it is a blessing, because my former office neighbours relocated to their new digs in Olds. I miss their company already.

On a less dramatic note, changing service providers for phone/internet/cable may sound less than exciting, even inconvenient; but I am looking forward to less service outages and fewer calls for the previous owner of our current phone number. Conveniently, this change is happening right around the time for sending out Christmas letters. What a better time to inform family and friends of all the changes in our lives!

Maybe accepting change isn’t so hard after all.

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