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January 2015: Crazy Life & Fresh Starts

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

January 2015: Crazy Life & Fresh Starts

This will be an unusual blog posting; but here goes…

Well, it has been a crazy ride since mid-September of 2014. One incident after another has kept me on me on my toes, primed for what could possibly be coming next. Here is an compilation of my Facebook posts to get you up to date.

September 2014
19Bizarre day. Not even sure what to say about it. Still processing arriving upon the scene of an accident minutes after it happened and helping control traffic–except my parked truck with hazards flashing didn’t deter nearly enough people from driving around me and the scene of the accident! I left when the firemen said I was free to go. I’m still processing what I witnessed. I think I said that already…
22Just a quick update that I got from a client today (not the person I offered to help at the scene). I don’t even know how to express this. The accident was a fatality as I suspected given the scene. The motorcyclist was on his way to his son’s wedding rehearsal. Coincidentally, the son & fiancée were at the same intersection. How tragic for the son to ID his dad’s body at the scene. The wedding took place the next day as planned. One of the guests was a friend of the client I saw today. Given what I was told at the scene, it is possible that the motorcyclist had a medical incident as a precursor to the collision as he wobbled on his bike and fell before he was struck by the vehicle behind him. How strange to reprocess the accident with a client today!

31Truck to Dodge for servicing. Just a quick little rant about my visit to Olds/Mountain View Dodge yesterday. They were certainly in the Halloween Spirit. Quite the trick they played charging me $263 (plus change) to tell me they couldn’t reprogram my Central Timing Module that I had replaced, used, by a well-respected local mechanic shop. Really??? The used part cost less than their failed attempt to reprogram it! One hour of shop rate I could stomach–but a bunch of BS?!?! That’s expensive stuff! Back to the local guys for their 2 cents…

1Apparently I have a new super-power–the ability to keep other dogs from barking while babies are sleeping inside. I was chastised today for not walking Elsa fast enough past a certain home this morning–as there was a baby in the house! I commented that I was working on it and that my dog was not the one barking. The dog in question also kept barking long after Elsa & I were out of sight. And I had just been thinking how proud I was of Elsa passing that particular house with very little incident! It used to be quite the scenario. She has been doing so well. If only that woman knew the whole story…mine & Elsa’s! Her comment still stings a little. But I’ll get over it. I was also proud of myself for speaking up for Elsa (& me)!
14–see November blog posting about returning to the dealership to have my bill cleared up.

Also in November Elsa took issue with a neighbour dog prompting the owner to say some very unkind things which triggered quite the trauma setback and a dysthymia dip for me. Days later, I was on my way to Calgary for a 3-day trauma & addictions conference where I met the presenter who offered me phone sessions. As well, I started a new drug at the end of the month.

In December I had my phone consultation with the trauma therapist and began to notice positive changes with my new medication. In the midst of all that, Christmas quietly came and went.

It is with huge relief that 2015 has arrived without much ta-do. I am looking forward to the many fresh starts the new year has yet to offer. So far so good. Nothing traumatic as of yet. Still on a healing journey. Meds continue to do their thing. On the right track…

May your 2015 be off to a fresh start with many blessings to encounter in the days ahead.

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