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Posted on Nov 11, 2020

This poem came to my attention today. The author plans to fine tune and put it to music once she fully recovers. I thought it aptly captured the struggle.

All I can do…
by Sarah Patton

I feel the tears welling behind my eyes.
Another day of quarantine.
Another day of body scans and monitoring.
Another day wondering if I’ll see tomorrow.
All I can do is cry.

I never asked for this.
I did what I was supposed to do.
Hell, I hid from the world for months.
And now, laying here alone.
All I can do is cry.

Every day is something new.
My new normal of weirdness.
My body is fighting it’s hardest.
My mind trying to grasp onto sanity.
All I can do is cry.

No one can comfort me.
No one can hold me.
Tears roll down my cheeks,
Forming a lonely river down my face.
All I can do is cry.

Watching the heart rate monitor on my wrist
I pray that things will be ok.
I know it could be way worse for me 
That I am lucky for mild symptoms but
All I can do is cry.

I take solace in the comfort of spirit
I feel the love of my angels and guides
Messages of support and hope 
Of resiliency and of pride.
All I can do is cry.

No one will hear these whimpers
No one will comfort this loneliness
It is all on me, to dig deep
To be strong and face this alone
All I can do is cry.

I find myself thinking of others like me
Wondering if the next breath will be our last
Praying to see our friends and family again
Will someone be there should the worst happen?
All I can do is cry.

I get angry at the state of my province 
The recklessness of a government supposed to protect us all.
I watch the numbers climb knowing that any one digit could be the end of a life.
Why can’t they see reason? 
All I can do is cry.

When this is over
Someday I’ll be stronger again
I promise to fight back harder than I ever have
Time to end this madness and fear 
I can do more than cry.

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