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April 2014: A Dog Story

Posted on Apr 18, 2014

Ever have one of those days that feels like it’s happening in an alternate universe, yet all the places and characters are familiar? Tuesday was like that for me. It started out innocently enough. A simple game of tug-o-rope with my dog, Elsa (Rottweiler-Corgi-Shiba Inu-Blue Heeler mixed breed), before heading for work. That is, until we literally butted heads. What a loud crack!

I furiously began rubbing the sore spot to ease the pain, until confusion surfaced as my brain registered the taste of blood in my mouth. Pulling my hand away from my face, I felt like I had entered some zone for horror or crime shows. My hand was covered in blood. Peering into the bathroom mirror, the crime scene shifted to include an image of blood trickling down the side of my face from a small gash in the vicinity of my left eye brow.

Fortunately a wet wash cloth and ice pack did the trick for transforming the scene from bloody nightmare to quiet rest on the couch. At least until the clock informed me I needed to get my butt in gear to get to work on time. As the alternate universe would have it, I couldn’t get out the door without a goose egg gradually forming where my eyelid should be.

The first client left with the reassuring words, “at least the swelling has stopped.” Things remained stable for the second, other than an added hint of green. As my husband had not kept up with Facebook postings that day, it took a couple of glances before he noticed the strange shadow around my left eye. My evening clients were able to participate in session even though their therapist had a green growth bulging out of her left temple area. At least I had an alternate excuse for my neurological issues: a slight concussion. A bit of a break from the usual Chronic Fatigue Syndrome repertoire of explanations.

The next day proved even more interesting as my green goose egg had morphed, overnight, into something that looked like an experiment performed by a maniacal make-up artist. Purple and green splashes of colour that actually looked like someone had brushed them meticulously into place. The following day, the colours deepened. One of my group therapy participants wondered if I was trying something new with my make-up routine and just hadn’t gotten to the other eye. I was able to correct these misperceptions. However, I did choose not to pay the town utility bill that afternoon as I couldn’t see myself explaining the whole “make-up experiment gone wrong” all over again. Elsa does, after all, have much more noteworthy talents. Such as how she gently checks on me and my face.

Today is Friday, and my face looks like I should be wearing prison garb while awaiting trial locked away in a jail somewhere. I am thankful this is not the case—and that I don’t have to leave the house today. Tomorrow is another story. We’ll see how well make-up covers up Elsa’s attempts at a new career. So, if you see me out and about, don’t worry; I am well. And having a wonderfully restful Easter long weekend.

Happy Easter!

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